Dr. Johnson is Fighting To:

Education Reform

  • Improve the public education system and ensure that children in District 18 receive the same quality of education as children in residentially wealthier districts.
  • Expand Career and Technology Education (Vocational Education) programs in high schools; Increase internship and apprenticeship programs to feed the trades with highly skilled workers upon graduation. (Texas HB 136 & SB 2105).
  • Expand and enhance President Obama’s Second Chance Pell Grant Pilot Program.
  • Expand the Student Work-Study Mentorship Program to enhance academic accountability and student success throughout America. (Texas SB 2082). 

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Increase Educational and Faith-Based programming in prisons (Bible College & Chapel Building).
  • Enhance reentry programs to ensure career readiness and allow for sustainable employment and reintegration. 
  • Minimize the barriers to occupational licensing for non-violent offenders. 
  • Mandate nationwide system to system tracking of the Foster Care to Juvenile Justice pipeline (Texas HB 932).
  • Expand Law Enforcement Mental Health Grant Programs and ensure all officers have access to mental health treatment. (Texas HB 2619)

Economic Development & Stimulation

  • Expand Senior Citizens’ Exemption program; exempt all seniors, 75 years and older, from paying property taxes.
  • Defeat legislation that unfairly targets senior citizens and/or allows for any cuts in benefits and services.
  • Actively work to end discrimination practices that affect the LGBT community.
  • Introduce a Disaster Mitigation Bill to aid communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey; increase drainage and infrastructure in all of the affected areas. 
  • Increase tax incentives to encourage the business community to hire veterans.
  • Create the infrastructure/feeder system for Veteran Transition:  Ensure District 18’s 26,600 Veterans, and their families, have access to vital services which may ease the transition back to civilian life (i.e. health care, housing, job assistance, education, etc.).
  • Lift Regulatory Restrictions, including restrictions that currently prevent youth who have felony convictions from receiving necessary education and training.
  • Lift harmful and unnecessary industry regulations.
  • Create innovative housing solutions for community’s in need of expanded development. 
  • Increase Small Business capital and allow expansion; Create jobs and spur economic vitality in our community.  
  • Ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work and fair treatment in the workplace.

National Security & Public Safety

  • Enact Responsible Immigration Reform and ensure a path to citizenship for DACA recipients. 
  • Establish a Congressional Liaison program for the undocumented, Hispanic community to assist individuals navigating the maze red tape in an attempt to obtain citizenship. 
  • Increase and enhance Border Security presence to stop illegal human and drug trafficking.

Health Care Reform

  • Encourage the VA to hire Vets First
  • Fix the Affordable Care Act; Reduce Premiums and Deductibles.